The Finest Salmon from the Pure Cold Waters of Chile

We support customers who are considering importing salmon, shellfish, fish meals, etc.

Camanchaca is a fully vertically integrated aquaculture and wild seafood company based in Santiago Chile, supplying “Ocean Raised” salmon and shellfish produced from our farming facilities. We also supply fish meal and fish oil processed from fresh raw materials caught by our own fishing vessels.
We in Tokyo work as a sales office for the Japanese and Asian markets, marketing extraordinary seafood to our highly valued customers.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL.+81-3-5550-8638. FAX.+81-3-5550-8629. Click Here to Email us from internet.

Group Company

Chile: Cia. Pesquera Camanchaca S.A.
El Golf 99. Piso 10. Las Condes Santiago

U.S.A. : Camanchaca lnc.
Corporate Center Drive 7200 N.W.19th Street.
Suite 410 Miami. FL

Mexico TEL:52-55-33005963

China TEL:9-00-8618802676036

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